Miel Family Welcomes You To Olivia Beach

List Your Sweet Haven!

Welcome to Olivia Beach! My name is Alanna Miel, and my Olivia Beach dream began in 2011 when my identical twin and I built two cabins. Since then, I’ve changed careers from  international development and moved back to Oregon from Washington DC.

Since March of 2020, I’ve lived full-time here with my husband and our two young boys, who love the beach, the park, the local restaurants and the climate just as much as we do! We enjoy agate hunting, the surf, and low tide treasures.

With Sweet Haven, I host a growing number of homes and would love to host yours! I bring travel experience in over 60 countries and a two-decade career as a property manager, with a goal of making Olivia Beach the Oregon Coast’s premier luxury destination for families.

We are delighted to be your neighbor, and hope that we can get to know you, and welcome you to the community!